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Water Storage

Simple Water Storage and Rotation

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Prepare to Survive

Water Usage

water_usage_in_the_homeThe average household per person uses around 160 litres of water per day, only 4% (6.4 lts) is used for drinking whilst the remaining is used for washing & cleaning with the large proportion for flushing the toilet.

Granted in a disaster, we can ration water and reuse as needed, so final use ‘dirty’ or ‘grey’ water may be used for flushing toilets, watering gardens etc., however the bottom line is that we require water to survive.

So how much is enough?

Human body weight is two-thirds water we use it for circulation, respiration and converting food for energy.  Water is lost through perspiring, breathing and when you pee. This lost water has to be replaced otherwise the body becomes dehydrated. This is further compounded in extreme heat and cold; in heat the body will lose large amounts through sweat, in cold air moisture is lost through breath

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